LG U+ helps you get connected and stay connected with family, friends and home during your time in Korea. We have a long term contractual relationship with the Exchange and other Military units in-country, and stand ready to serve your telecom needs. Visit one of our many shops or check us out online for Internet, mobile/cellular, TV or phone services during your deployment. What can you expect?

  • High Speed Internet - unlimited usage, several options to choose from
  • Mobile/Cellular - the latest new Smartphones with carrier plans to suit every need
  • Cable TV - Basic Plus TV service with add-on packages including Showtime/TMC, Cinemax, HBO and HD.
  • Home Phones - service packages that make it easy to call home, in-country or beyond; US phone numbers are available
Military-specific plans to handle TDY and deployments LG U+ shop locations include:
  • Area 1: Bonifas, Case, Hovey, Red Cloud and the Rodriguez Range.
  • Area 2: K-16 and Yongsan.
  • Area 3: Gwangju, Kunsan, Osan, Suwon, Humphreys and Yongin.
  • Area 4: Carroll, Chinhae, Mujuk and Walker/Henry.

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