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Online Safety Guarantee

WE GUARANTEE YOUR SECURITY ON OUR WEBSITE: This site is using secure technology to safeguard the use of your credit card information online. We're so confident about our safety measures that we're offering you our Exchange Online Safety Guarantee. Here's our Exchange Online Safety Guarantee: WE WILL REIMBURSE YOU FOR THE AMOUNT OF ANY FRAUDULENT CHARGES NOT COVERED BY YOUR CREDIT CARD ISSUER IF FRAUDULENT CHARGES ARE MADE TO YOUR CREDIT CARD BECAUSE OF CREDIT CARD INFORMATION STOLEN WHILE YOU SHOP IN THE EXCHANGE ONLINE STORE.

We can offer this Exchange Online Safety Guarantee, because we're certain about our site security. We know that your credit card information is secure because it is encrypted. The use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on our website is the best global secure transaction technology available today. You should make sure your browser is capable of SSL in order to take advantage of the benefits of SSL secure technology while shopping at The Exchange Online Store. Doing so ensures that all sensitive information like Credit Card Information and Social Security numbers are encrypted before being sent over the internet.

We're dedicated to maintaining security for your Credit Card information and we believe our Exchange Online Safety Guarantee will ease your concerns about using your credit card while shopping in The Exchange Online Store. If you still feel uncomfortable transmitting your credit card information over the internet, you may also place your order at one of the numbers listed below. Our Exchange Online Store Entry Associates will be glad to assist you in completing your order.

Customers in the 50 United States and Puerto Rico:

Toll Free Phone 1-800-527-2345

Toll Free TDD 1-800-423-2011

TOLL FREE telephone numbers for Customers outside the United States & Puerto Rico:

Germany 0800-82-16500

Italy 8008-71227

Netherlands 0800-022-7129

*Turkey 00800-18-488-6312

Japan/Okinawa 0031-11-4132

Guam 01800-636-3297

United Kingdom 0800-96-8101

Korea 00308-13-0664

Belgium 0800-7-2432

Spain 900-971-391

*International calls cannot be placed from phones on base. Use off-base commercial lines. Sorry we cannot accept collect calls.

Customers outside the United States:

Phone 1-214-583-5000

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